[MAGAZINE] Kim Woo Bin – 1st Look Magazine Vol.59 1206x1750


Chanporn for pyonytaeil


KIM WOO BIN’s CF in 2014, and I’m pretty sure there will be more

How has your life changed after your role as Rachel ?


LeeJongSuk [blood boiling youth]

When I first saw the scenario and the script, I felt that the role was a really mean one. Honestly, that was my first thought. As it’s a really evil character.. But, as I read through, I started to think from Rachel’s point of view and started having sympathy for the character. When I compare myself with Rachel, I think we’re about 80% different. My personality is quiet and I can’t really get angry. So in those aspects I was really jealous of the role of Rachel, as she was never wrong, and spoke firmly so that others can’t refute to her, and I felt it really hit the spot." - Kim Ji Won on her role as Rachel in the Heirs